The medical industry, including CMS, has witnessed the Chiropractic market shifting to an Integrative Medicine approach to expand services by retaining a physician and nurse practitioner under a new medical entity. Unfortunately, many of these practices were under advisement by “Business Consultants” who fundamentally lacked the understanding in medical revenue cycle management, practice and provider credentialing, staffing, DME requirements, CMS compliance, EHR platform setup, and critical hands-on experience in medical practice growth strategies. Their sole focus was to lure and advertise “grow your revenue by 10X” while charging integrative medicine practices outrageous monthly fees leading owners to a dilution in critical cash flow, practice disruption leading to a reduction in patient intake, reimbursements, and exposure to CMS audit.

Standard Health Network is working with Chiropractors seeking to migrate to an integrative medical practice and current integrative medical practices who have realized a negative impact by unqualified advisement. These practices have engaged our services to increase cash flow by realizing a high clean claim rate, expediting the credentialing process to reduce out of network claims rejection in addition to proper vetting of providers to reduce staffing fees.

Our structure is highly flexible and affordable with no fixed monthly fee. We are not Consultants, but highly skilled team of proven healthcare individuals who roll-up-our-sleeves with a mission to work diligently in protecting your practice and patient base to scale.