Fred Roberts | Board Member 

Fred has an extensive career that consists of successful ventures where he acted in a senior managerial and entrepreneurial capacity over the past 30 years. Accomplished technology and healthcare executive, Fred serves as a Board Member and providing management oversight and leads our team working across multiple healthcare segments to help practitioners achieve their clinical, operational, and financial objectives. Fred also directs all strategic relationships for the company. Through his vision, planning, leadership and execution, Standard Health Network is delivering a successful management services platform to medical practices and hospital systems seeking a consolidated line of services to maximize patient intake and reimbursements. 

Prior to Standard Healthcare, Fred served both private and public companies as Chief Executive Officer of Altare Health Systems, parent company to Simplex Medical, Simplex Healthcare, and Simplex Medical Value Pharmacy licensed in forty-five states. In addition, Fred was President and Chief Operating Officer of Certified Health Management, and Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and General Manager of ASG Software, a multi-national corporation. Fred’s business acumen has generated exceptional growth and earnings, creating customer, employee, stakeholder, and shareholder value.

Karen Ciriaco | Chief Revenue & Compliance Advisor

Ms. Ciriaco is a successful practice manager, certified coder, and advisor to four former integrative medical practices. Karen provided critical business oversight and direction to chiropractors, physicians, and nurse practitioners. Karen is responsible for the revenue cycle management, credentialing, trustee of the enterprise electronic health records, fee schedule analysis, document management, practice audits, contract negotiations, and compliance oversight. She also acts as a liaison between CEO and Standard Health Network acquisition partners, providing key advice to eliminate post integration disruption.

Donald S Hanser MD |Chief Medical Board Advisor

Dr. Hanser is a successful internal medicine practitioner who also provides international immigration services to patients seeking to travel abroad. He currently serves as a board advisor working with the CEO on related service lines, M&A interest, strategic group partnerships and provider assessments while working with other senior members on practice related issues.

Robert DiStefano MD DC | Integrative | Functional Medicine | Board Advisor

A leader in integrative functional medicine, Dr. DiStefano works with thousands of patients seeking relief from chronic pain. He has over 30 years’ experience in healthcare including certifications and continuing education in sports injuries, rehabilitation, personal training, and strength conditioning. Dr. DiStefano has a master’s in human nutrition, and a Doctorate in Medicine.

Dr. DiStefano strives to provide the most advanced chiropractic techniques available to help patients. Dr. DiStefano’s outstanding reputation and exceptional patient feedback not only speaks of his work but for the effectiveness of integrative – functional care.

Russ Newton | Mergers & Acquisitions | Board Advisor

Mr. Newton had a successful 30-year career as an investment banker. Since then, he has focused on consulting with promising early to mid-stage companies, and as a private equity investor. Russ leads the mergers and acquisitions team for Standard Health Network, working with practices across all transactional stages. He also advises the CEO on strategic partnerships, contracts, practice valuation, and capital formation. Russ works with practice stakeholders in detailing the M&A roadmap to a successful relationship with Standard Health Network.

 Jim Hanson | Chief Information Security Advisor

Jim is a Navy veteran, with 30 years of experience as a Senior Security Engineer. Mr. Hanson’s focus has been helping Fortune1000 companies ensure data security and compliance, in addition to helping customers migrate into a Zero Trust Security Model.

Jim has worked with several top security vendors in the United States. His industry and business expertise are valuable to companies implementing security technology and procedures which protect their critical assets from the global “threat landscape” that they are confronted with daily.

Jim oversees the datacenter security while maintaining the enterprise vision and strategy. His work ensures information systems and technologies maintain their integrity. In addition, Jim advises the CEO on forward thinking security platforms, current IT risks, and artificial intelligence development strategies.

Shane Randall | Chief Development Advisor

As CDO, Shane is responsible for all go to market strategies for Standard Health Network. In addition, he oversees all divisional digital campaigns, pricing, and supply chain management. He is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of consumer-related healthcare branding expertise.

Jim Gabalski | Chief Marketing Advisor

Jim has 30 years’ experience in sales, marketing, and management with category expertise in IT, training & development, and healthcare. His focus and track record has been of delivering market strategies and implementing tactical programs. Jim has served as a senior executive with a national marketing and healthcare company.

Kim Sullivan | Strategic Provider Recruiting Staffing Services Advisor

Kim brings extensive expertise primarily developing key relationships with multi physician groups, hospitals, urgent care, and primary care clinicians throughout the Nation. Kim has successfully worked with C-level executives providing staffing and benefit solutions. She advises our CEO on healthcare staffing market issues and forward-thinking recruiting and staffing strategies.