The medical supply chain continues to be fragmented causing product delays as prices for medical supplies continue to escalate. Did you know if you engage with SHN, your practice will have 2 options with our divisions to meet your supply needs. For specific in-practice needs browse our orthopedic and wound care catalogs, patient health support, pain relief and monthly specials at and for full practice and patient needs browse you have access to over 60,000 products including discounts up to 50%. Standard Health Network is helping thousands of practitioners, patients, and hospitals fulfill critical items (mask, gloves, mobility, orthopedic, pain relief, aids-for-daily-living, wound care) to support your daily needs.

There is no other shared medical supply platform that can provide these products at our cost structure.

We encourage all practitioners, practice managers to call today 866.586.1201 or email an order for a quick price quote at or