Our clients request solutions to address critical issues to immediately protect patient intake and reimbursements while meeting growth objectives.

Practices do not have the luxury to engage or experiment with non-qualified consultants or businesses that will put your valuable cash flow at risk. Standard Health Network has accumulated over 30 years of direct healthcare management expertise and fully understands all the channels necessary to achieve practice and organizational efficiency leading to consistent patient intake, reimbursements, to scalability.

Standard Health Network has designed key platforms to address and resolve cross functional operating issues without owners having to engage with inexperience managers. By engaging with our company, your practice will be working with seasoned SHN members which include highly experience C-level healthcare personnel and former practice managers that have a proven track record in achieving real results.

Working with Standard Health Network team of experts, your practice will have the opportunity to leverage our industry knowledge therefore achieving your short- and long-term objectives.  We drive practice efficiency, stability and revenue growth.