Your dedication to patient care leaves minimal time to fully understand all the moving parts to medical billing.

Did you know, average billing entities will put off 30-45 days in following up with insurance companies regarding outstanding payments. SHN understands the sense of urgency with your receivables and our team is persistent in following up with payers once a payment is flagged as owed.

At SHN, we mandate the highest levels of accuracy in every filing to get your payment without delay. Our team tracks down every material piece of information related to your claim minimize a rejection from a coding error, including researching the eligibility before filing to increase our filing success rate. Our billing process covers the following:

  • Authorization
  • Coding compliance
  • Claim filing
  • Demographics entry
  • Document and notes Review
  • Scheduling and billing
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Daily claim audits

Inconsistent filing with errors, improper documentation, will directly impact your billing and profitability.  To date, our Clean Claim Rate is approximately 95% to 98%. These results are driven from our skilled managers, and internal audits consisting of a thorough examination of every claim before submission.

Given our process, our clients have realized on average a 10-30% increase in revenue!