16 Value Based Services

Leveraging Our Services to Increase Patient Intake & Reimbursements!

How do you grow your practice, compete and stay profitable? We provide innovative practice management service offerings you can’t find from traditional medical practice advisors. These offerings are a direct result of our growing network and the ability to attract professionals to develop programs that truly work for practitioners and their patients. Proven industry experts at Standard Health Network have made growth areas a reality for our practices, while providing stakeholders options for future considerations. Through our 16 Value Based Services, our team takes the medical business burdens away, and allows our practitioners to focus solely on healing their patients.

Revenue Cycle Management

We mandate the highest levels of accuracy in every filing to get your payment without delay. Our team tracks down every material piece of information related to your claim to minimize rejections from coding errors, or improper documentation. We also research eligibility before submission to increase your filing success rate. Our RCM process covers the following and more:

Our strengths continue as we monitor the top 15 Revenue Cycle KPIs, ensuring that not a single claim goes uncollected.

  • Credentialing
  • Patient pre-registration
  • Demographics entry
  • Insurance verification
  • Prior authorization
  • Charge capture
  • Coding
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Denials management
  • Payment posting
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Audits

Claims with errors will directly affect your billing and your profitability. To date, our Clean Claim Rate is 95% – 98%. These results derive from our skilled certified coders and our client advisors.  To insure you submit a clean claim, our operations team performs internal audits that consist of a thorough examination of every claim three times before submission.

Given our processes, our clients have realized on average a 10%-30% increase in revenue.

Extreme competitive pricing to help our clients achieve their cash flow goals.

Credentialing Services

Focus on patient care and do not try to take on the tedious maze of credentialing.

Our highly trained team members will credential your Practice or Providers for network acceptance with multiple commercial and government contracts, including hospital privileges, in a timely manner. We will work with your practice to coordinate within your hiring dates to reduce Provider carrying cost prior to contract acceptance, therefore protecting critical cash flow and denials.

Our skilled team members monitor every one of your contracts to ensure your Providers are credentialed and current. Most importantly, our system is set up for you to review the progress of each application from beginning to completion. We also provide a detailed review of all practice and provider information prior to submission. In addition, we follow up with network administrators throughout the application process to final acceptance.

Our experienced team members will complete all necessary Medicare forms and applications, CAQH, NPI enrollment, Medicaid and other third-party payer applications as required including EIN registrations for new practice start-ups!

Best industry pricing to maximize practice cash flow!

Clinical Practice Management Services

Providing a wide range of internal audit reviews to secure practice efficiency and compliance. SHN works with a variety of medical specialties targeting internal weaknesses that are causing a direct impact on patient services, practice productivity, and cash flow.

  • Practice Manager Procedures – Chart Reviews
  • EMR – EHR Set-up and Training
  • Staff Recruiting, Training and Review
  • Claims Retention and Letter of Protection Audits
  • Documentation Audits
  • Multi-Site Management Oversight and Financial Reporting
  • Practice Set-up and Implementation
  • Information Systems and Technology Review
  • Referral Review and Development
  • Management Advisory

Human Resource 

Did you know the legal perils begin before you hire an employee? Improper interviewing, insufficient vetting, ambiguity in offer letters, inadequate confidentiality, non-disclosure/non-compete agreements, weak job descriptions, inconsistent employee evaluations, hostile work environment, non-employee manual, insufficient documentation, training, and termination without a separation agreement, all can lead your practice to an expensive lawsuit.

Practice Managers and Providers cannot manage all these moving parts effectively. We work with practices in planning, staffing, coordinating, and executing the administrative functions of a practice to achieve maximum outcomes, reduce legal exposure, while maintaining an above average employee retention rate of over 95%.

Employees are critical assets to any practice. Our team provides the necessary consultation to develop a base for maintaining the integrity of your practice through extensive human resource planning, also known as Workforce Planning.

Our plan helps practices recruit, retain, and optimize the deployment of personnel needed to meet strategic practice objectives, and respond to changes in the external environment to proactively avoid client talent shortages or surpluses. This helps to achieve a balance of talent based on need, not perception. Effective human resource planning is an ongoing systematic process.

Without a baseline human resource manual, core competency forms, training, interviewing techniques, employee evaluations and termination methodologies, practices are at great peril for potential litigation.

Recruiting – Permanent – Part-time Provider Placement

Ongoing complaints from practitioners are about the cost of hourly rates and placement fees. Do not hesitate to leverage our national network of providers, saving your practice time and thousands of dollars in recruiting and placement fees.

Standard Health Network offers options to protect your practice’s cash flow. The traditional way of charging locum tenens and permanent placement has become antiquated. With our flexible fee structures, SHN is saving clients critical cash flow dollars.

Our staffing team will work with your practice to secure the right provider, and work within a balanced rate structure.

We have a wide network of healthcare providers to fill your required open positions. From front-desk personnel to practice managers, certified nursing and medical assistant, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistant, physical therapist, and more!

Don’t have time to call or fill your open positions, just send us an email at service@standardhealthnetwork.com We are helping thousands of practices in staffing. Call Today and SAVE! 678.936.1088

Compliance | Documentation

Support for compliance and legal issues in practice areas, audit risks, HIPAA and other regulatory/governance needs will reduce your chances of a CMS review. Our team will review and develop stringent systems, procedures, and controls to ensure the practice is operating at the highest standard while personnel is adhering to the practice policy.

Marketing Strategies

We transform average medical practices into market leaders. Get expert insights on how to improve your marketing communications to increase patient-intake.

Increase branding and consumer engagement through multiple cost-effective digital campaigns and communication strategies, which will lead to long term practice revenue patient life value. From concept, to copy, design and through to implementation, let our team take the lead for your practice to deliver unparalleled brand awareness.

We will develop proven strategies without diluting valuable practice cash flow dollars.

Integrative | Functional Medicine

Using a balanced approach, integrative medicine adds value to the traditional medical treatment plan by using a holistic framework combined with leading-edge technologies and innovative therapies. With an integrative approach, practitioners are providing patients with an edge in achieving healthy longevity, and shorter illness recovery time to their highest functional performance. Patients are empowered by the availability of transformative options for effective management of their personal health journeys. The process can be seamless, but choosing the wrong relationship to educate, guide and support your practice can be overly expensive, and would likely lead to a reduction in your cash flow, jeopardize the payback period on initial investment capital, and potentially set your practice up for violations of certain State and Federal Regulations.

Standard Health Network provides plans for integration, success, and compliancy.

Depending on the type of service you select, this will allow your team sufficient time to navigate your practice based on your short and long-term healthcare objectives, while safeguarding your critical cash flow.

Our team members will educate and guide you through all the moving parts.

Successful Medical Integration derives from extensive knowledge, collaboration, planning, and execution to achieve practice growth and profitability.

Medical Supplies

Practices can benefit from having your own order entry through Standard Health Network division www.integratedmedicalproducts.com   direct medical supply chain containing our proven brand lineup of over 60,000 medical products at near wholesale cost to your practice and patients.

Our team of experts will work with your practice to source the exact medical products desired and if required, educate your team on the documentation necessary to support insurance requirements for clean claim submission and faster reimbursement.

Clients enjoy a hassle-free direct medical supply chain, including our comprehensive orthopedic line of products. Go to our Medical Support TAB and review our product catalog or for larger selection of cost saving products visit our division website: www.integratedmedicalproducts.com

Price Savings on all Products!

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our services cover the entire transaction life cycle, from assisting our clients in determining the most beneficial time to sell a practice, through to the receipt of funds at closing. Conversely, we work closely to identify strategic acquisitions that could complement your practice services and drive growth.

Standard Health Network’s approach is different than traditional advisors. Most traditional advisors subscribe to a sequential approach to representation, and pass deals from one internal team specialist to another as the transaction progresses from inception to development, valuation, pricing, prospecting, negotiation and closing.  In contrast, our C-level members are with you from beginning to end of the transaction.  The continual involvement of our senior members ensure that every critical detail and communication is effectively managed.

For clients who are engaged with our practice management services, the Standard Health Network services platform will also provide options to join our physician group to maximize stakeholder value.

Call today and learn more about joining our group!

Ancillary Services

Adding ancillary services to your practice not only acts as an additional revenue stream, but it improves the patient care experience. It is a win-win for both practitioners and patients and will extend the life value of your patient.

There are types of services to consider, however, unless you are part of a major network, not all of these are practical to implement. Becoming part of our group will allow your practice to leverage our service platform to reduce substantial cost, errors, and legal ramification.

Workflow Planning

Our clients request solutions that will immediately address critical issues so they can protect patient intake and reimbursements, while still meeting their growth objectives.

Providers do not have the luxury to engage or experiment with non-qualified consultants or businesses that can put your valuable cash flow at risk. Our team has accumulated over 50 years of direct healthcare expertise, and fully understands the planning necessary to achieve practice and organizational efficiency leading to consistent patient intake, and reimbursements.

If your practice is not meeting your expectations, allow our team to perform an operation analysis. This analysis will identify workflow disruption and allow you to take corrective actions.

Budgeting and Financial Planning

Successful practices operate and thrive with the mindset of managing the practice like a business.

Did you know preparing a budget is not the first step you should take, and will not define or set the financial course required to achieve short- and long-term objectives? This is a common mistake made by practice owners, managers, and inexperienced business consultants.

The extensive analysis, planning and development of an operating plan is the first and most important step in preparing the budget.

Our team of highly seasoned former healthcare chief financial and operating officers have developed a technical ten step process that captures all functional sources that are critical to achieve aggressive revenue growth and maximizing cash flow. This process also protects your practice from market disruption, and simultaneously increases the practice enterprise value.

Risk Management and Assurance

Standard Health Network creates a comprehensive program to mitigate and limit legal – financial risk for your practice, employees, and patient base.

The SHN process is the identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks followed by coordinating and directing proper resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events. This process also tends to maximize the realization of opportunities.

Real Estate and Facilities

Whether you are seeking to optimize your current footprint, purchase a building, or expand your practice in other ways, count on our experienced team to aid in the planning process.

We can help establish key internal processes and provide guidance, from space planning and technology integration to facility upkeep and leasehold improvements.

Information Technology

Our first class team of tech gurus help to secure your I/T infrastructure by fending off internal and external threats while providing valuable insight and updates on advancing information systems to keep your practice current.

Selecting the wrong EHR platform could directly result in loss of productivity, patient growth, and cash flow. Our team of talented Information Systems and Technology experts will provide proper workflow analysis, data migration and implementation to protect sensitive data while securing the proper clearinghouse to maintain consistency in reimbursements.

Providing Immediate Impact to Scale Your Practice and Increase Cash Flow!

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