Most Common Services Selected by our Clients to Increase Patient Intake and Revenue Growth.

Medical Billing | Credentialing | Compliance

Clients engage with our company because of our results driven attitude, transparency, flexible rates, high clean claim rate submission, accounts receivable management, multi-EHR knowledge base, and our direct responsive line of communication with a seasoned team members who are ready to serve. Your practice cannot afford to engage with inexperienced individuals that do not understand all the moving parts of a revenue cycle management and credentialing. Information exchange must be accurate for practice decisions to be applied. Our managers understand and focus in on clean claim submissions leading to consistent reimbursements. We also understand if an EHR system is not properly set-up from patient demographics, clearinghouse to charges, patient intake and reimbursements will be compromised leading to serious practice cash flow disruption.

Equally important to revenue cycle management, is credentialing a practice or provider. Our credentialing team of experts have worked across all payers extensively to reduce down time to network approval. If you are in need of Provider credentialing or Hospital privileges, count on our team to accelerate practice and provider credentialing. Reduce out of network claim rejections by engaging our affordable credentialing services.

Compliance just when you feel your practice is running smoothly, you receive a CMS contractor letter for a Medical Records Request and now your stress elevates. It has been noted, document management for Medicare Part B – DME, precise but for Clinical, flawless. There must be strict systems, procedures, controls, and frequent internal audits performed, otherwise, you could potentially be confronted with serious punitive infractions. Our team has direct experience with audits and assist practices to properly establish document management procedures to deal with CMS inquiries, including properly educating staff members and providers the need to be document – charting discipline and ready for an inquiry.

Human Resource Planning Training and Staffing

Did you know the legal perils begin once you hire an employee? Improper interviewing, insufficient vetting, ambiguity in offer letters, inadequate job descriptions, inconsistent employee evaluations, hostile work environment, non-employee manual, insufficient documentation, training, and termination without separation agreement will lead your practice to an expensive lawsuit. We work with practices in planning, staffing, coordinating and executing the administrative functions of a practice to achieve maximum productivity, reduce legal exposure, while maintaining above average employee retention rate of over 95%.

Standard Health Network has developed talent acquisition tools, (and through our proprietary job-board-site to attract qualified candidates and providers. Our direct leadership expertise will make sure you are selecting top honorable candidates and have the proper internal systems, procedures and controls to protect your practice while achieving a high staff retention. If your practice is in need of support staffing, locum tenens, permanent placement, physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, compensation review, document, process review, developing a human resource manual, employee training, or quick HR Q/A session, you now have direct-daily-access to our organization to discuss any HR issue to get an immediate advisement. Take advantage of our hands-on experience to reduce potential legal exposure. Call us today at 866.586.1201

Integrative Medicine (Chiropractors)

The medical industry including CMS, has witnessed the Chiropractic market shifting to an Integrative Medicine approach to expand their services by retaining a physician and nurse practitioner under a new entity. Unfortunately, many of these practices were under advisement by “Business Consultants” who fundamentally had insufficient understanding in revenue cycle management, practice and provider credentialing, staffing, DME, CMS compliance, EHR platforms, and critical hands-on experience in medical practice growth strategies. Their sole focus was to lure and advertise “grow your revenue by 10X” while charging integrative medicine practices outrageous monthly fees leading owners to a dilution in critical cash flow, practice disruption leading to a reduction in patient intake, reimbursements, and audits by CMS.

Standard Health Network is working with Chiropractors seeking to migrate to an integrative medical practice and current integrative medical practices who have realized a negative impact by misrepresentations and are in critical need of services. Our structure is highly flexible and affordable with no fixed monthly fee. We are not Consultants, but highly skilled team of proven healthcare executives with a mission to protect your practice and patient base while increasing revenue growth.

Practice Medical Supplies 

The medical supply chain continues to be fragmented causing product delay with prices for medical supplies continuing to increase. Did you know if you engage with our division ( you have access to over 60,000 products including discounts up to 60%. Standard Health Network is helping thousands of medical practices, patients, and hospitals fulfill critical items (mask, gloves, mobility, orthopedic, pain relief, aids-for-daily-living, wound care) to support practitioners and patient needs. There is no other shared medical supply platform that can provide these products at our cost structure. We encourage all practitioners to call today or email an order for a quick price quote at

4 Platforms | 18 Practitioner Services Including Growth Strategies

Our clients request solutions to address critical issues to immediately shield from practice disruption.

Standard Health Network has designed 4 platforms and18 key services to address and resolve cross functional operating issues without owners having to engage with 18 different vendors. Selecting a platform is FREE! By engaging with our company, your practice will be working with seasoned SHN members that have a history of driving immediate positive results.

Providers do not have the luxury to engage or experiment with non-qualified consultants or businesses that will put your valuable cash flow at risk. Standard Health Network has accumulated over 25 years of direct healthcare services expertise and fully understands all the channels necessary to achieve practice and organizational efficiency leading to patient and revenue growth.

By engaging with Standard Health Network team of experts, we will guarantee practice efficiency, consistent reimbursements, well definitive growth plan through our service platforms and oversight. As a result, your practice will now be able to focus on what is really important, Healing Patients!