Did you know the legal perils begin once you hire an employee? Improper interviewing, insufficient vetting, ambiguity in offer letters, inadequate confidentiality – nondisclosure – noncompete agreements, weak job descriptions to core competencies, inconsistent employee evaluations, hostile work environment, non-employee manual, insufficient documentation, training, and termination without separation agreement will lead your practice to an expensive lawsuit. Practice Managers and Providers cannot manage all these moving parts effectively. We work with practices in planning, staffing, coordinating and executing the administrative functions of a practice to achieve maximum productivity, reduce legal exposure, while maintaining above average employee retention rate of over 95%.

Standard Health Network has developed talent acquisition tools, (and through our proprietary job board site to attract qualified candidates and providers therefore retaining top qualified candidates at an affordable rate.

If your practice is in need of support staffing, locum tenens, permanent placement, physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, compensation review, document management, process review, developing a human resource manual, employee training, or quick HR Q/A session, you now have direct-daily-access to our organization to discuss any HR issue to receive immediate coaching. Take advantage of our seasoned hands-on experience to reduce unwanted conflict. Call us today at 866.586.1201